Apple plans to make the upcoming iPhone 14 in India amid China’s troubles



The Apple iPhone 14 will begin production in India two months after its initial release outside of China, reducing, but not bridging, the gap between the two nations.

According to sources, the company is working with suppliers to expand manufacturing in India and reduce the production gap for the next iPhone from six to nine months. In response to Xi Jinping’s administration’s conflict with the US government and the enforcing of nationwide lockdowns, Apple is looking for alternatives to China as it manufactures most of its iPhones.

The TF International Securities Group analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes Apple will ship the new iPhone from both nations at around the same time, which would be a huge step in Apple’s efforts to diversify and build redundancy in its supply chain.

In an effort to maintain confidentiality, Foxconn Technology Group, the primary manufacturer of iPhones, studied how to ship components from China and assemble the iPhone 14 in a plant outside Chennai, according to people who asked not to be identified. A key component of this is looking for solutions that ensure Apple’s strict secrecy standards are met.

Apple and Foxconn have decided against launching simultaneously in India and China this year, although they still intend to do so in the future. India is expected to complete the first iPhone 14s in late October or November following the original release in September. There was a suggestion that the Diwali celebration, which starts on October 24, might be a good alternative.

Matching China’s iPhone production rate would have been an important achievement for India, which has been advertising itself as an alternative to China when rolling Covid lockdowns and US sanctions threaten its status as the world’s factory. In order to assemble iPhones, Apple’s schedules and quality requirements are infamously strict, requiring cooperation between hundreds of vendors.

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