Instagram Ads to Appear in More Parts of The App

Instagram Ads to Appear in More Parts of The App

Instagram Ads to Appear in More Parts of The App
Instagram Ads to Appear in More Parts of The App

Instagram’s parent company Meta has announced that advertisements will now appear in places such as the explore page and user profiles.

Meta has been going through a tough time lately. This is the first time the company has experienced a decline in revenue since it was founded, and valuations are constantly falling. To keep investors happy, the company has been under a lot of pressure to increase revenue.

Despite this pressure, Meta is exploring new ways to monetize Instagram. To achieve this, the company plans to introduce ad placements on new Instagram sections there are two new sections on Instagram Explorer: the user profile page and the Instagram Explorer grid. In addition, creators will receive a percentage of ad revenue shown on their profiles.

The Instagram app was heavily criticized by celebrities and users a few months ago.  Therefore, the company should now be hesitant to release any features that may upset users. The application’s advertisements might put off users, but user profile advertisements will certainly make the creators a lot of money.

Any advertiser can place their ad on the explore page. Ads on user profiles are currently in the testing phase. Among other things, the company is planning to test augmented reality in both feed and story advertisements in the near future.

The use of augmented reality advertisements will allow users to experience any product more immersively. For example, an augmented reality advertisement for furniture would let you see how a sofa would look in your home. The advertisements will undoubtedly boost both e-commerce and Instagram ads for the company.

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