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Tesla Chief, Elon Musk is Under Federal Investigation, Twitter Says in Court Filing



Tesla Chief, Elon Musk

Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, is under investigation by US Federal Authorities, according to the social media company. The Federal Investigation Authority is investigating his takeover of Twitter for $44 billion.

However federal authorities have not even indicated what the investigation is focused on. In July, Twitter sued Tesla Chief, Elon Musk to force him to close the deal. A lawyer for Tesla Inc.’s CEO said the company could not provide Twitter with the documents. The documents were requested because of the “investigative privilege.”

Twitter reports that Tesla Chief, Elon Musk’s lawyer shared the document-withholding privilege log at the end of September. Comparatively, the FTC log contains drafts of an email to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on May 13. A slide presentation was also presented to the Federal Trade Commission.

According to the company, this game of hiding and ball must end.
According to the court, Musk’s lawyers failed to comply with the court’s request for them to hand over the documents on October 6. As soon as Tesla Chief, Elon Musk informed McCormick he would go ahead with the deal, McCormick stopped the case between the two sides.

The lawyer for Tesla Chief, Elon Musk, Alex Spiro, told Reuters that Twitter’s lawsuit was a “misdirect” and that “the Twitter executives are under investigation.” Later, Twitter declined to comment. In response to a request for comment, neither the SEC nor the FTC responded immediately.

According to the SEC, Tesla Chief, Elon Musk was asked whether Twitter’s acquisition implied he intended to be a passive shareholder.
Musk later amended his statement to reflect that he was an active investor.

The FTC was investigating whether Tesla Chief, Elon Musk failed to comply with antitrust reporting requirements related to passive and active shareholders, according to a report from tech news site The Information.

Twitter announced in June that Tesla Chief, Elon Musk’s acquisition had passed an antitrust review waiting period by the US Justice Department and the FTC. Moreover, Tesla Chief, Elon Musk has time till October 28 by McCormick to finalize the transaction.

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Meta’s messaging application, WhatsApp, is undeniably one of the most renowned messaging platforms. To ensure the safety of its users and offer new features, Meta continuously updates the app’s official version. However, in contrast to the official version, unofficial versions or modded WhatsApp applications are highly prevalent, albeit posing a security risk to both the user and Meta. Despite this, these modded applications still offer unique features that entice users.

It is worth noting that Meta is taking necessary measures to address this issue. The prevalence of modded WhatsApp applications on various devices has prompted the Meta team to act. Nonetheless, given the broad user base of modded applications, it is vital to educate users about the potential security risks they face.


The WhatsApp team has recently issued a warning that whatsapp will delete your accounts utilizing any unofficial or modded versions of the app. This move implies that if you have installed and are using a third-party application, you run the risk of losing your chat history and contacts.

The use of unofficial or modded applications poses a significant security risk not only to the user but also to the messaging platform itself. These applications often lack the necessary security measures, making them vulnerable to hacking and data theft.

To avoid the potential loss of your chat history and contacts, it is strongly recommended that you only use the official version of WhatsApp. Doing so will not only ensure the safety and security of your data but also protect the integrity of the messaging platform. By adhering to this simple precaution, you can enjoy the benefits of a secure and reliable messaging experience without worrying about potential security risks.

WhatsApp is cracking down on users of modded versions of its app. The messaging giant has warned that those who use unofficial versions may have their accounts permanently suspended.

To avoid this, WhatsApp has urged users to uninstall the modded version and install the official app. Those who continue to use the unofficial version will receive a warning that their account has been temporarily suspended. If they fail to comply, their account may be permanently suspended.

While modded versions of WhatsApp may offer a range of customizability options, users should be cautious. The unofficial features may not be worth the potential security risks they pose. Sensitive data could be at risk of being stolen by hackers.

As WhatsApp cracks down on these unofficial versions, users should take note and ensure that they are using the official app. The risks associated with modded versions are not worth taking.



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WhatsApp Business Chat Will Drive Sales Faster Than Metaverse: Zuckerberg




Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta Inc, said Thursday that WhatsApp and Messenger would drive his company’s next growth wave. The purpose is to soothe financial worries following the first round of layoffs.

However, we have spoken a lot about long-term opportunities like the Metaverse. Though, the reality is that business messaging will probably be the next strongest pillar of our business as we work to monetize messenger and WhatsApp more, as stated by Zuckerberg.

Meta also allows some customers to communicate and transact with merchants using chat apps. It’s a great initiative by meta, including a new feature unveiled on Thursday in Brazil.

On Thursday’s internal forum, the company did not respond immediately to a request for comment. In recent years, Zuckerberg has heavily invested in extended reality hardware and software since announcing a long-term goal. However, he appears to have changed his tone there.

Meta’s core advertising business has struggled a lot in the current year, and investors questioned the wisdom of that decision.


The CEO of Facebook recently downplayed how much the company was investing in Reality Labs in a staff meeting. It is responsible for the department’s investments in the Metaverse. Meta’s CEO cited capital expenditures as its second largest expense. The budget for Meta was however devoted to land to the tune of about 20%.

In contrast, the Reality Labs unit spent over half of its budget on augmented reality. The next few years will also be a time of development for smart glasses.

Mark Zuckerberg said this was the most challenging work he had ever done. As time goes on, I believe it will become the most valuable part of the work.

The reality lab spent over 40% of its budget on virtual reality. About 10% was spent on futuristic social platforms such as the virtual world it calls Horizon.

Andrew Bosworth,  chief technology officer for Reality Labs, said AR glasses must be more valuable than mobile phones. You can appeal to potential customers by doing so, and you will meet a higher bar in terms of attractiveness.

Furthermore, he indicated that he was hesitant to create industrial applications for the devices. In order to attract a broad audience, he declared it niche and wanted to structure it for a general audience.

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Twitter Will Introduce an ‘Official Badge’ For High Profile Verified Accounts




People could easily impersonate famous personalities with an $8 dollar verification badge, therefore making an official badge necessary

There has been a frenzy over Twitter’s $8 verification badges, but many celebrities and government figures are wary of impersonations on the platform. Almost anyone can have a verified account under their name if they purchase a badge for a small price.

Twitter said it would not change its plans to offer the verification badge for $8 in response to this chaos. To prevent impersonations, the platform will introduce an ‘official badge’ for high-profile accounts so that they can be distinguished from those verified through the $8 fee.

According to Twitter’s director of product management, Esther Crawford, fake government accounts are a major problem. In contrast to the $8 verification badge, the official badge will not be sold, so this problem can be countered.

In addition to governments, corporations, media outlets, and business associates, Crawford says the badge will also be available to private individuals.

People who sign up for a Twitter blue subscription will get the $8 verification checks automatically. The ‘official badges’ of Twitter haven’t been released yet, but they will roll out soon.

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