The Woman Of Substance

The Woman Of Substance – Series By Hijabi Pk


The Woman Of Substance
The Woman Of Substance – Series By Hijabi Pk

This is the story of a teenage rickshaw driver girl, “The Woman Of Substance”, who went against societal norms in order to support her family after her father died tragically.

It is equally the efforts, assistance, and guidance of its remarkable women that Pakistan owes its freedom.

From the mother-of-the-nation, Madar-e-Millat Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah to the Iron Lady Begum Rana Liaquat Ali, everyone contributed to their capacity and helped pave the way for an independent nation, today’s Pakistan.

Women were motivated, inspired, and encouraged to work together through them.

After independence, Begum Rana Liaquat established the All Pakistan Women Association (APWA) to assist female refugees from Pakistan, empower them, and facilitate their earning independence.

In all spheres of life, Pakistan has always been at the forefront of producing female leaders, including Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, the first female prime minister in the Islamic world, Dr. Fahmida Mirza, the first female speaker, Shama Khalid as the Governor of GB, Shamshad Akhtar as the Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan, and Lt.Gen Nigar Johar, the first lady to hold three stars on her uniform.

From the new generation of educated, tech-savvy, globally connected, but locally committed entrepreneurs, Humaira Farooqui, continues to carry on the legacy of great women in leadership.

She is the founder and CEO of, a modest lifestyle brand of clothing available to everyone, anywhere.

In addition to being a strong believer in empowering women, she has used her outreach to strengthen and support the empowered women in our society by inviting and sharing their remarkable stories through the digital world, which, like a ripple effect, has a significant impact on our society.

It’s like a moral aid, nourishment for young minds, motivation for those hesitant, and overall solidarity with other women in society for some.

The Woman Of Substance – Series By Hijabi.Pk

The Woman Of Substance – Series By Hijabi Pk

‘The woman of substance’ features Alisha Jameel, a teenage female rickshaw driver who stands against societal norms to provide for her family after the tragic death of her father.During her talk, Alisha narrated her story about being the youngest of six sisters and how it all started when her father (late) became sick.

He trusted that she would be strong enough to be the only breadwinner of the family even without his presence, so he bought her a rickshaw.Her dream has always been to drive a vehicle, to own a vehicle, and to use it.She learned how to drive from her father and now she drives a rickshaw to support her family.

“It hasn’t been easy at all. This was an entirely new experience in her life.” She quotes; “Even though I only take passengers who live nearby, I still meet new people every day. 

“There are a lot of people who are surprised to see a girl in the rickshaw driver’s seat. Some people ask me whether I’m capable of handling the rickshaw. Some people don’t seem to understand my necessity for doing what I am now doing as a profession. People tell me to choose a better career, or to earn more money in any other way, but that’s not so easy. It is everyone’s responsibility to make the most of their resources, and mine happens to be a rickshaw. However, many people are happy to see me doing something very good yet uncommon in our society. Their encouragement and beautiful duas for me always make my day. When the passengers appreciate me for basically being ‘the son of family’ to their own, I am always in an uplifting mood as the daily chaos of the city with its fluctuating weather.”

Furthermore, she said the police and government, other than the passengers, were very understanding. In the streets, people respect her work. As snippets of her story went viral on the internet, the government announced a house for her, which she felt very blessed to receive. She never imagined that her hard work to support her family would pay off so quickly. Currently, she is in contact with them, hoping for the best.

She is currently in contact with them, hoping for the best.
According to Alisha, she aspires to support her family financially. As the sole person who can take care of her younger sister and her aged mother, she doesn’t want to depend on others and will work hard. No matter that there is no male figure in our house, she will not be helpless.

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