Twitter Will Introduce an ‘Official Badge’ For High Profile Verified Accounts


People could easily impersonate famous personalities with an $8 dollar verification badge, therefore making an official badge necessary

There has been a frenzy over Twitter’s $8 verification badges, but many celebrities and government figures are wary of impersonations on the platform. Almost anyone can have a verified account under their name if they purchase a badge for a small price.

Twitter said it would not change its plans to offer the verification badge for $8 in response to this chaos. To prevent impersonations, the platform will introduce an ‘official badge’ for high-profile accounts so that they can be distinguished from those verified through the $8 fee.

According to Twitter’s director of product management, Esther Crawford, fake government accounts are a major problem. In contrast to the $8 verification badge, the official badge will not be sold, so this problem can be countered.

In addition to governments, corporations, media outlets, and business associates, Crawford says the badge will also be available to private individuals.

People who sign up for a Twitter blue subscription will get the $8 verification checks automatically. The ‘official badges’ of Twitter haven’t been released yet, but they will roll out soon.

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