Top 5 Online Scamming Countries

India and Pakistan are Both In The Top 5 Online Scamming Countries In the World.


The globe is full of scams but south Asia seems a bigger portion of them than the rest of the world. list of most online scammers in the world made by successful neighboring countries Pakistan and India. In today`s digital world if you are living in a south Asian third-world country it is important to be aware of the potential risks of internet scams. With the revolt of social media, online shopping, and digital banking, it’s becoming progressively easier for criminals to conceal behind screens and aim at unsuspecting victims.


According to banking Mohtasib Pakistan, in 2021 it received 37,364 objections of financial scams. Which distinct 46% progress from the year 2020, banking Mohtasib Pakistan recorded a total of 19,670 objections in 2022.

Pakistan is not very up-to-date in terms of tech and IT advancements but its hacking, scamming, and online fraud portfolio is not very advanced. In 2018 almost all the Pakistan banks were hacked and big amounts of money were pursued from people’s accounts by criminals. 

The details of cyber security incidents over 19000 cards from 22 Pakistani banks. released that over 8000 accounts possessor from violently ten Pakistani banks had lately been sold on the grim web.

These days in Pakistan financial scams and other types of fraud have become very common. Through many methods, most people are sacked of their money every day by scammers.

Those behind such activities are executive scammers who mask their IP addresses and call from the bank like UAN numbers to receive delicate information and then use it to receive further account details from banks. they usually manage from rural areas and confine poor people through several schemes that often concern stealing their identity to purchase SIM cards.

Specified the situation, both private and state-owned banks should charge to improve the banking system and rely on upgrading security measures, such as anti-skimming devices, to secure their purchaser from fraudsters and scammers. 

The state bank of Pakistan also wants to play its due character in this view. Meanwhile, the public should be instructed repeatedly never to give their bank-related information to anyone who asks on massaging applications or social media texting. In January 2021 Pakistani streaming music hackers stored the details of 260,000 users. In august 2021 hackers bombard Pakistani largest board of revenue(FBR) and govern to crash the hyper-V software by Microsoft, shutting down all the official websites managed by the tax machinery.


No outsider has visited India without opposing a scam or finding someone trying to defraud them. With the revolt of online scams all over the world India is no deviation. in fact, India has seen a distressing rise in online fraud over the past few years.

From fake websites to cracking emails and other dishonest schemes to understand the different tactics used by cybercriminals in India. India is categorized 2nd in the categorizing of the top camming countries only below Nigeria. 

It is generally acknowledged that UPI is the most ordinary method to make day-to-day money in India. Now a lot of people are quite outsiders to the concept, but some marketplaces permit people to sell pre-owned wealth and are starting to see an influx of UPI fraud. Many international and local users have fallen hunt to online scammers and have wasted tons of money. Various other UPI frauds comprising cracking, OTP access, and impersonation, are growing like wildfire. Scammers end up impersonating businesses and remarkable merchants and ask unconscious purchasers to pay in advance or even link with you using a UPI handle that looks as if it were an official account 



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