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Tesla video promoting self-driving was staged, engineer testifies


According to testimony by a senior engineer, A video of 2016 that tesla used to further its self-driving technology was produced to show capabilities like stopping at a red light and rotating at a green light that the system did not have. 

The video which stays hidden on tesla`s website, in October 2016 it is released and promoted on Twitter by chief executive Elon Musk as proof that “tesla drives itself” 

But the model x was not operated with the technology tesla had located, in the transcript of July, the director of autopilot software at tesla, Ashok Elluswamy said that the overthrow took as proof in a lawsuit against tesla for a 2018 fatal crash inculpating an earlier apple engineer.

The unreleased preamble testimony by Elluswamy constitutes the first time a tesla employee has verified and detailed how the video was created. The video holds a tagline saying “ the person in the driving seat is only there on a permitted basis. He is not doing anything the car is driving itself.” Elluswamy said tesla`s autopilot team start out to engineer and report a demonstration of the system’s abilities at the appeal of musk.

Musk, Elluswamy, and tesla do not acknowledge the appeal for comment. Moreover, the company has informed that they must keep their hands on the wheel and prolong control of their vehicles while using autopilot.

The company said on its website, The tesla technology plan to assist with the guide, barking, speed, and lane changes but its functions do not make the vehicle independent. He said from the video tesla used 3D figures on a prearranged route from a house in Menlo Park, California to tesla then headquarters in Palo Alto. he said, drivers intercede to take authority in test runs. He said When trying to look the model x a test car struck into a fence in tesla`s parking lot. Elluswamy according to the transcript of his testimony seen by Reuters “ the purpose of the video was not to precisely portray what was given for purchasers in 2016. It was to portray what was achievable build into the system”

When tesla posts a video of musk tweeting “ tesla drives itself through the urban way to the highway to streets then find a parking mark” driver assistance procedure, tesla faces lawsuits and adjusts scrutiny over it.

 Reuters has released that, The u.s department of justice start a criminal exploration into tesla`s declaration that its electric vehicles can drive themselves in 2021 after a number of crushed of them mortal including autopilots.  In 2021 The new york times released that tesla engineers had made the 2016 video to encourage autopilot without disclosing that the way had been figured in early or that a car had crashed in trying to disclose the shoot.

Ellusmwamy was overthrown in a lawsuit against tesla over a 2018 strike in mountain view California that murdered Apple engineer Walter Huang. Elluswamy said when questioned if the 2016 video viewed the performance of the tesla autopilot system required in the creation car at the time. Elluswamy said drivers could fool the procedure. Tesla’s system trusted in creating that they were given awareness based on the reaction from the steering wheel when they were not. Also, he said he could not see any security problem with autopilot if drivers were giving awareness.





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