Twitter Offers New Annual Plan

Twitter Offers New Annual Plan For Subscription Service


On Wednesday Twitter inc said it was offering a yearly goal for its subscription service known as Twitter blue, which comprises its desire after “confirmed”  

Pin at a discount to its monthly price. Instead of a monthly subscription price of $8 on the web and $11 on apple devices, users can subscribe to the service for an annual fee of $84.For a Twitter blue subscription, Twitter has established a new annual plan. for long-term Twitter blue users, the cost of new plans has been rearranged. The monthly plan for Twitter blue was priced at $8 but the yearly plan can be bought for $84. For long-term users, the annual plan will end up saving $22.

Twitter has released the pricing for all competent countries contain the united kingdom, the united states, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and Japan. At $11 per month, the cost for users that purchase a Twitter blue subscription via apple`s iOS will remain the same. There`s no accessibility of an annual plan after Twitter blue buy is created, all functions will be accessed rapidly except the blue checkmark. Twitter request getting the blue checkmark may take time to appear. The company will rate if the subscribed accounts meet all necessities.

For 90 days newly made Twitter accounts will not be able to subscribe to twitter blue. On iOS, billionaire Elon Musk`s takeover of Twitter for $44 billion last year, for twitter blue, he has conducted changes to the company comprising new subscription plans. The blue checkmark was formerly relief for verified accounts of journalists politicians famous personalities and other public society. But a subscription option open to anyone who wants to pay was going out last year to help Twitter grow profit as musk apposes to paying advertisers. For users of the microblogging site, the Twitter blue check has been one of the sought-after features. It was initially a relief for famous personalities, journalists, and public society. More ever, now it is accessible to everyone prepared to pay for the subscription. 

For now, Twitter is bartering office furniture and professional kitchen instruments from its San Francisco offices. This comes after the company lay off some employees and clear behind on rent and contract agreements. In October musk purchased Twitter for USD 44 Billion the company is on the bent for about USD 1 billion a year in absorption price from the deal. In late October Most of musk,s prosperity is tied to his proprietorship of tesla stock, which has lost more than 40% of its value since he took the proprietorship of Twitter. 

Advance in December, musk added that twitter’s basic blue mark would have half the number of announcements, and the social media platform will provide a higher tier with no encouragement next year.


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