Worried About Human Mind Readers, Well Now AI Can Do It Too!


Human Mind Readers

All of us have nightmares about someone reading our minds, allowing him to leak all of our secrets and the things we have successfully hidden from the world. Artificial Intelligence may soon be able to read human minds, adding to our concerns. Sounds daunting right, but this is actually happening, and that too in one of the world’s most renowned tech companies ‘Meta’.

Research at Meta is testing its AI in different ways to determine how it can be used to read human minds. In the coming years, we might see AI being used to read minds due to science’s rapid advancement.

This has many positive applications, the first of which is medical treatments. Using AI doctors can potentially understand the mind of a patient and figure out the reason behind his mental condition, making this useful in helping patients with anxiety or depression.


There are already several renowned health centers around the world using similar AI technologies. In addition to analyzing cancer tumors and mapping the brain, doctors use it for a variety of other purposes.

Facebook is focusing on brain waves while attempting to read minds through artificial intelligence. Just this August, the company revealed an artificial intelligence that can understand what a person says simply by analyzing their brain waves. It is applaudable that technology like this can be applied to understanding patients who cannot speak because of trauma or pain.

Over the past couple of decades, brain-computer interfaces have been identified as a treatment option for patients who have suffered from conditions such as traumatic brain injury and anoxia.

A team at Meta is developing a technology that captures a person’s brainwaves using artificial intelligence. Blood flow variations as well as other metrics can then be used to identify brain activity using these sensors.


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